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Digital Marketing Analytics


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free website analytics service from Google that allows the webmaster to track website visitors and marketing campaign performance. Sometimes it is difficult to analyze some issues by looking at only basic metrics such as clicks and conversion rates. Google Analytics offers the wide range of analyzed website data. With this tool can find many important metrics, such as bounce rate calculates the percentage of customers that leave immediately after entering on the landing page. Other useful metrics are pages per session and visit duration which tell how interested customers are in the website content. One of most interesting functions is user flow, which is true the page to page movement of customers across the website. This gives basic understanding how customers behave on the website. Analytics offers many basic information about customers such as demographics, interests, and devices what customer prefers to use. In every category of identify that do for those users. Advertisers are able to go deep into the details. For example, an advertiser could find parts of a website work not well a Samsung SM-P355 Galaxy Tab A because bounce rate is very high. Advertisers are able to see what day and what time is most popular for our website, according to this data advertiser can optimize ads are shown accurate date and time.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is free tag management solution. Through this tool, an advertiser can add and manage various marketing and analytics tags on the website. A tag a segment of JavaScript code that labels a web page in order to collect measurement and marketing data from your website and then send that data to 3rd party services. 3rd party services can example be Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook. For an example, an advertiser can set up website conversion tracking and adjust a website bounce rate tracking by this tool.


IBM SPSS is Statistical Package for the Social Science distributed by IBM. SPSS is one of the most popular statistical packages which can analyze highly complex data and analysis with simple instructions. The advertiser can use this tool when to want to make market research, surveys, and competitor analysis. This tool helps to understand data what have collected and test for significant differences. In the reporting of SPSS calculations in this document, means are shown plus/minus the standard deviation of the media.

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