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Google AdWords VS. Facebook Ads

Second Hand Car Online Shop. Bangkok, Thailand.


The goal of this study was to build skills needed to explore, evaluate, tune and choose digital marketing options that result in more effective online marketing campaigns. The specific application of these studies was to use the skills acquired to compare two different digital marketing services: 1) a service that promoted a company webpage on the top of relevant search requests (Google AdWords); and 2) a service that promoted a company webpage to relevant social media groups (Facebook Ads). The data for this research came from analysis of the web behavior of 27,265 visitors to the used car division of a website that promotes second-hand products. Various digital ad promotion campaigns were attempted to promote new registrations for this website during the study period. Reach, Engage, Activate and Nurture (REAN) model was used to measure and evaluate the different levels of user response to the digital marketing services employed.

Most respondents were male, average ages on (Google AdWords=36 years old) and (Facebook Ads= 41 years old). Most of them used mobile devices (Google AdWords=72%) and (Facebook Ads= 70%). Comparing the behavior of respondents to digital marketing campaigns on both platforms, Google AdWords showed the highest number of people reached (73,422) and the number of conversions (327) compared to 52,547 and 18 for Facebook Ads, respectively. In addition, respondents to Google Ads exhibited higher rates of engagement (6.9%) and activation (0.45%) compare to those responding to Facebook Ads at 3.3% and 0.03%, respectively. As for nurture, Google Ad Words generated 105,373 impressions resulting in a CTR of 0.8% while Facebook Ads generated 32,853 impressions resulting in a CTR of 3.1%. This study found that Google AdWords is 10.7 times more cost-effective in attracting active customers than Facebook Ads on the test website. A t-test analysis of the mean daily comparisons over the 30-day test period showed that all differences found were significantly different with p<0.0001.

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