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Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?


Google AdWords is a digital marketing platform owned by Google. AdWords is also largest and most used online advertising network in the world, and millions of businesses advertise online using AdWords to reach new customers and grow their business. The advertiser who uses the AdWords platform can target their advertisements for two main networks, search network, and display network. Search network refers to pay per click advertising, where advertisers bid on keywords what are relevant to their business and have the chance to show their advertisements to users who put those keywords into Google when they make a search.

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Digital Display Advertising (DDA)


Display network offers advertisers option of using banner-style advertisements in websites that are part of the display network. Google display network reaches approximately 90% of global Internet users. In AdWords, it is easy to measure advertising effectiveness by click through rate, conversion rate, impressions and keywords quality scores. These metrics can be compared industry averages and another digital marketing platforms metrics (Callen. 2016).

Display network is a commonly misunderstood feature of the Google AdWords. Usually, DDA ads are showed on non-search pages such as video, mobile apps or normal news webpages and differently those shown on search pages. An advertiser can focus target audience in many different ways such as keyword, topic, interest, placement, remarketing, flexible, democratic, and with many other campaign targeting settings (Geddes. 2014). However, in way content sites, new tend to ignore and ultimately regret these also without consideration.

“Formal definition DDA: A form of digital marketing that uses display ads appearing on web pages as a means of communicating relevant commercial messages to a specific audience based on their profiles” (Dodson. 2016).

“Google’s Display Network has a massive reach:

● 1 trillion monthly impressions

● Over 2 million content partners

● Reaches 94 percent of U.S. Internet users

● Reaches 90 percent of global Internet users” (Geddes. 2014).


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