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Search Engine Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Advertising

Web search engines: Google is an indexing service to help users find information on the Internet and has become the most popular search engine both within Thailand and across the globe. In addition to maintaining an index to the content of the webpages of the world, Google records which websites are viewed most often and keeps statistics on the behavior of its users, the search strings they use, and the preferred links for all search results. This information can be used to determine which search words drive visitors to websites and is the basis for Google AdWords.


In 2015, 98% of search engine users in Thailand used Google, leaving only 2% stake for other search engine platforms like Bing and Yahoo (Returnonnow. 2015). This makes Google not only the most popular search engine in Thailand but also the most significant resource for advertisers.

Setting goals for Google search engine advertising starts with developing an understanding of the benefits that the advertising will give business. This may be measured in the form of increased membership, sales or number of walk in customers with coupons. Knowing the quantity and quality of customer response to an ad campaign helps to score and rank the effectiveness of ads in order to identify which ad campaigns are most relevant for business and which audience responds to ads. In short, customers want to find solutions for their problems and a business needs to be seen as the best source of solutions for them (Dodson. 2016), for example:

“According to numerous studies by Pew Internet, Nielsen (Nielsen 2010) , and others, search page views make up approximately 3–5 percent of all page views on the Web. Other studies have stated that search pageviews make up approximately 3–5 percent of consumers’ time online. Most of these studies were conducted between 2009 and 2012, and while there is no recent data on these overall activities, analysts do not feel these numbers have changed with respect to search.” (Geddes. 2014).

It is estimated that 95% of Pay Per Click Search Engine advertisers do not have deep knowledge how this tool really works and thus end up wasting their money. At the same time, many business owners ignore this valuable resource, because they do not understand how it works (Callen. 2016).

“Imagine the pain of giving up a marketing opportunity like that, just because you were so frustrated that nothing was working” (Callen. 2016).

PPC has its own four-state iterative development process, shown in Figure. With this form of advertising, every cent counts as the business pays for responses regardless if whether the shopper becomes a customer or not. While the advertisement has brought people to the website, it is critical that the customers are able to find what they require. With the added element of expenditure from PPC, businesses must maintain astute attention to detail to keep from spending the advertisement budget frivolously (Dodson. 2016).


Source: Dodson. (2016).

Google PPC campaign management is based on two factors that are crucial to the successful implementation of a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. Firstly, the bid has done on a specific keyword, once an auction will open when different players want the same keywords’ setting. Then the quality rate of the ad and landing page will be taken into consideration. The advertiser that reaches the best ratio between these two key success factors win the best position. Adding to these indicators, the selection of appropriate keywords are also fundamental (Lemos, A. 2015).


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