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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization refers to actions that influence the search engine's ability to find a webpage or website. The purpose of SEO optimization is to improve website ranking in search results. Currently, the most popular search engine in the world is Google (Returnonnow. 2015).

Below video Matt Cutts explain how search works:

Why is SEO important?

Modern marketing takes place in a rapidly changing business environment because customers keep changing their shopping behavior. To maintain contact with customers, the website owners must choose marketing tools that provide crucial understanding and insights into customer behavior and preferences. Studies with Google Search have shown that 91% of user actions occur with links shown on the first search page. If the website owner is not visible on the first page they have already lost 91% of their potential customers (Thrivehive, 2016). Therefore, getting a webpage placed on the first page of search results is critical to a successful ad campaign. However, there are many ways and reasons to search for any particular website resulting in many different search strategies for any knowledge domain. Understanding which search patterns that potential customers would use to locate the in SME business website is critical to success.

SEO agency has to concentrate at least these 9 things:

1. Keywords

Keywords are the heart of the search engine optimization, you have to find the right audience and the keywords help you to do this. Potential customers write these keywords on the search engine and this how they can find to your website. Example Google offer keyword planner tool to find correct keywords.

2. Content

Then you use these keywords to write interesting content what matches on goals and this content should be unique and high quality. Writing blocks is one of the most common ways to guide visitors to your website. There is no clear rule how long blogs should be, but we and many other SEO consultants are noticed, if you write more than 2000 characters you have better chance to get better rankings on Google search.

3. Title, Meta, URL, SEO checker

The title tag should be between 10 to 70 characters and the respectively meta description tag optimal length is between 70 and 160 characters. You can test your website with free SEO audit tool and get recommendations what you have to improve on your webpage.

Also, have to remember to make webpage URL clear and match to keywords.


4. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is one of the most important SEO tools that have to use SEO optimisation. In here you can see how your web pages rank in Google search, it also shows other important metrics like a how many people see your web page (impressions) and how many people click on these impressions (CTR). These metrics you try continuously improve with the different methods.

5. Google Speed Test

The website should be fast enough, so it is user-friendly. If the website load too long time you can lose many customers who are frustrated to wait. You can test your website on the Google page speed test. If you will get bad scores you really have to improve your website, this is a very important factor in website optimization.


6. Local SEO

Google is more focusing on results based on locations, this is even more important if you have brick mortar store. You should register your business to Google my business, so example your business come visibly on Google maps. Make sure you put every detail over there, so this will increase customer satisfaction.

Pro tip for you if you do this process in Thailand and you try to verify your account by snail mail. Wait over two weeks verification letter and when it not come, contact to Google directly on your Google my business account. Explain that letter did not come in 14 days and you want to make verification by phone. Next day they will call back to you and you can make the verification.

7. Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Google SEO algorithm, these links redirect internet users to your website. This links should be high-quality links on similar websites what you have, this how Google get a better idea what business you are in. You can build your backlinks in many different ways, most common ways are you share your links on social media, question/answer websites, forums, images, videos, document sharing and you can also exchange links with other bloggers.


Google appreciates websites who have better protection. SSL certificates provide encrypted communications between a website and internet browser.


9. Bounce rate

On many websites, the bounce rate will need to be adjusted to time, not actions. Because if you arrived on this webpage directly, you read this blog and then you live without to do any actions, you are not bounced user for us and this is one factor of Google search engine optimization.


Thrivehive. (2016). https://thrivehive.com

ReturnOnNow. (2015). http://returnonnow.com.

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