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Social Media Marketing

There are many social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook is most popular of these, and was developed to connect friends and share information (Brand. 2015).


Social media: Facebook started out as a service to help friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances to find each other and form groups to share stories, opinions and even work on projects together. This service has become so popular that Facebook is the most popular social media worldwide and the top social media in Thailand. Facebook listens to what people talk about and attempts to determine what topics its members are most passionate about. Facebook is using this information to help businesses to connect with those most interested in their particular goods and services.

The fourth quarter of 2015, 56 % of the population in Thailand had an active account in at least one of the social networks. Most popular channel was Facebook with a 32 % share and the second one was Line with a 29 % share is shown in Figure (Statista. 2016).


“Formal definition for SMM: A form of Internet marketing utilizing social networking sites as marketing tools, thereby gaining traffic, brand exposure, and interaction with customer through social media” (Dodson. 2016).

Social media is a great way keep customer’s relations going on and to acquire new ones. However, clear and specific goals for marketing are required. Also, success requires the clear understanding of how social media platforms work and which platform your target audience uses. Rapid processing and analysis of feedback are critical to improving services or products. Even negative feedback can be amazingly insightful. Figure shows the SMM process (Dodson. 2016).


Source: Dodson. (2016).

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a place where digital marketing campaigns, are created changed and analyzed. With this manager, it is possible to design advertisements what appear in a Facebook family, also including Instagram and audience network. This tool can create custom audiences and direct specific advertising to them. Facebook uses the same metrics as Google AdWords to compare the effectiveness of campaign ads, such as impression, click through rate, conversions rates, and relevance score. This manager platform offers analytics tools to study basic customer behaviors, demographics, interests, devices and advertisements placements, similar to what can be found in Google Analytics. This tool can also set up Facebook Pixel, a conversion tracking system.

Facebook Advertising Tutorials


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